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The Ferocious Creatures of King Kong’s Skull Island at Universal Orlando

Skull Island Reign of Kong Creatures

A visit to King Kong’s Skull Island, the latest fearsome realm coming to Universal Orlando this Summer, was never going to be a smooth ride. But that’s part of the fun! You’ll encounter creatures that want nothing more than to have you for lunch, and you’d better have all your wits about you if you want to survive.

Study these creatures carefully before you head out on expedition to the heart of mysterious Skull Island. It may be the only thing standing between you and utter destruction…..


Creature type: Carnivorous six-legged spider
Habitat: The swampy underworld of Skull Island’s gloomy and treacherous caves
Feeding habits: Typically scavenges injured or dead creatures from the murky swamps but will attack if hungry
Method of attack: Uses its crab-like claws to crush its prey before feasting on the remains
Chance of Survival: 70% as long as you’re not injured


Creature type: Colossal eyeless slug
Habitat: Dwells in crannies all over the island
Feeding habits: Will slowly feed on stuck, injured or dead creatures on Skull Island
Method of attack: Chomps up injured creatures with its gaping tentacled mouth, ringed with rows of jagged, sharp teeth
Chance of Survival: 80%. Carnictis is slow, so as long as your vehicle doesn’t break down you could outrun it


Creature type: Huge armoured scorpion/ant hybrid
Habitat: The great caves that form a network across the whole island
Feeding habits: Indiscriminately attacks anything smaller than itself that crosses its path
Method of attack: Decarnocimex has bladed forearms and razor-sharp mandibles. Aggressive and large, it does not stop fighting until badly injured
Chance of Survival: 40%. Your best chance is to avoid their sharpened talons


Creature type: Giant mutated bat with a wingspan of up to 10 feet
Habitat: The interior caverns of Skull Island
Feeding habits: The Terapusmordax lives in colonies and seems to attack more for fun than food
Method of attack: Easily provoked, the Terapusmordax swoops down to spear its victim with its lethal talons and then bites into them using its huge fangs
Chance of Survival: 30%. Once you’re grabbed, there’s no way out alive

Vastatosaurus rexVastatosaurus Rex

Creature type: Largest carnivorous dinosaur on Skull Island
Habitat: Dwells in the darkened, dense jungles of the island
Feeding habits: V. rex stalks its prey until ready to launch a terrifying attack
Method of attack: V. rex charges straight for its prey, and can easily change direction at high speeds to catch up with it. When caught, it rips straight into its prey with sharpened and bloody teeth
Chance of Survival: 10%. By the time you see V. rex, it’s already too late

KONGSkull Island Reign of Kong

Creature type: Some kind of massive gorilla
Habitat: Unknown. Explorers have set out to find it, but none have returned
Feeding habits: Unknown, possibly feeds on smaller island creatures
Method of attack: Unknown; Kong is known to be freakishly strong but scientists don’t know any more
Chance of Survival: Unknown, possibly depends on your age, gender and hairstyle

This video is a recording made by explorer Erin Ryder, who led a recent expedition to Skull Island. Her fate is unknown.

With all you’ve learned about Skull Island’s savage inhabitants, only the brave will want to visit. These adventurers can enter King Kong’s Island from late Summer 2016. Head to Universal’s Islands of Adventure if you’re ready to sacrifice it all in the name of discovery!

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