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6 Things To Know When You Visit Wild Florida with Kids

Wild Florida Everglades airboat ride with kids

Thinking about taking your kids for a Wild Florida Airboat Ride?

Thrilling airboat rides through the Everglades, wild gators and lots of exotic animals… Wild Florida is definitely an awesome day out, but is it too many thrills for someone visiting with young children?

The answer is: definitely not! Wild Florida’s Airboat Rides and Wildlife Park are fun, safe and perfect for children of all ages!

Here are all the things you need to know about taking the kids to Wild Florida:

1. Are Wild Florida Airboat Rides Safe for Children?

new boat 117

Let’s get the big question out of the way – YES, the Everglades airboat tours are absolutely safe and children of all ages are allowed on the airboats, even babies!

To make you feel extra secure, kids will be wearing life jackets throughout the whole Everglades airboat tour.

Top Tip: Toddlers under 3 ride for FREE at Wild Florida!

2. Remember – airboats are noisy!

wild florida everglades airboat tour

Airboats are powered by big propellers, which produce quite the ruckus.  Wild Florida provides comfortable earmuffs to reduce the noise. However, if your child is sensitive to loud noises, it’s a good idea to explain to them what to expect beforehand.

Top Tip: Still worried your child may be intimidated by the loud noises? Bring a pair of earplugs to double up on the protection!

3. There are over 200 animals at Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park

animals at wild florida wildlife park

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s animals and Wild Florida has plenty! The youngest members of the family will be able to touch the adorable goats and calves at the petting zoo, while the older kids will have the chance to put their bravery to the test and hold a real baby gator!

Photo #2-001

And there’s so much more to do – from feeding the birds at the Walk-in Bird Aviary, to watching lemurs play in the trees and taking selfies with the sloths that are just hanging around…

If you love animals, you’ll definitely love Wild Florida!

Wild Florida family with zebras

Top Tip: Fancy spending some one-on-one time with a sloth, a porcupine or a lemur? Or maybe trying your hand at animal keeping for a day? All you need to do is book one of the Wild Florida Animal Encounters.

4. Stay hydrated! 

Wild Florida is an outdoor attraction, so you have to get prepared for the Florida heat. Don’t worry though – a little bit of sun is nothing we can’t handle! Keep hydrated – bring your own bottle of water, or use the drinking water fountains at Wild Florida for free.

Top Tip: Try the Swamp Slushies at the Chomp House Grill – they are the perfect frozen treat!

swamp slushy sign at wild florida

Rather have bottled water instead? Buying some in the park won’t cost you an arm and a leg – the price is reasonable at $2.


5. The best place to find shade at Wild Florida is… 

Hawk Swamp Boardwalk at Wild Florida

There are plenty of shaded areas throughout the Wildlife Park but the best place to go if you want to escape the sun is Hawk Swamp Boardwalk.  It’s a 600ft boardwalk surrounded by hundreds of cypress trees.

Top Tip: Keep an eye out for the numerous creatures that live in the trees – you never know what you’ll see!

6. They’ll love the giant playground!  

Wild Florida has a large, covered playground for when you want to take a break from exploring nature but you still want the kids to be entertained. Best part is, the playground has fans, so you won’t have to melt in the heat!

wild florida playground

Ready to take the kids to Wild Florida? 

Up for adding an Everglades airboat ride & a day at Wild Florida Wildlife Park to your Florida travel plan? We’ve got you covered!

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About the author:

Alexandra Rose is a London based artist and travel enthusiast. She blogs at My and is the woman behind the newly launched brand Alex + Orlaith. When shes not travelling the world Alex can be found getting up to mischief with her four year old daughter or elbow deep in any number of creative projects.

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