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Accessibility at Walt Disney World Resort

A Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility at Walt Disney World Resort.

Home to some of the most renowned and thrilling roller coasters, attractions and experiences, Walt Disney World is heaven on Earth for Disney enthusiasts and adrenaline-junkies alike. While there’s definitely something for everyone, is it just as accessible for all? The answer is a resounding YES!

Disney World is committed to providing a magical experience for everyone, regardless of ability. From wheelchair accessibility to sensory support, here are a few ways Disney creates a safe and exciting environment for all their guests: 


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If you or a loved one has accessibility needs, planning a trip to Disney can seem daunting. However, Disney offers a variety of complimentary accessible transportation options to make your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This includes wheelchair-accessible buses, monorails, and boats across the park. Wheelchairs and ECVs are also available to rent across the parks.


Special Services 

Disney offers a variety of special services personalised to your needs. These services include sign language interpretation, assistive listening devices, braille guidebooks, and handheld captioning devices, among many others.

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Disability Access Service (DAS)

Navigating Disney World crowds and long lines can be an overwhelming experience for guests with disabilities. That’s where DAS comes in. DAS will provide a return time for rides for guests who have difficulty with extended waits in a conventional queue environment, similar to a FastPass. This allows guests to enjoy other areas of the park while awaiting their turn. DAS is perfect for guests with disabilities, anxiety disorders, cognitive disabilities or anyone who has difficulty with long queues. DAS will ensure there’s nothing getting in the way of a great day out for all! 

Accessible Attractions

Many of Disney’s attractions are wheelchair accessible, with many having special entrances and ride vehicles for guests with disabilities. Several attractions also offer audio descriptions and closed captioning for guests with visual and hearing impairments.

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Accessibility Maps

Disney World provides accessibility maps for each of its parks, highlighting the locations of accessible attractions, companion restrooms, quiet areas, and other facilities. Maps are also available in braille.


Quiet Areas 

Disney World has quiet areas across its parks, designed to be a calming, relaxing, and stress-reducing environment for guests with anxiety disorders or cognitive disabilities that may be feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated or experiencing sensory overload. These can be located using the Accessibility Maps or by asking any member of staff / cast member.


These are just a handful of the facilities and services available to make your trip as stress-free and as easy to navigate as possible.

For any concerns you may have during your visit, simply let a cast member know and they’ll be more than happy to cater to your every need, from directing you to quiet areas to handling any dietary needs, and everything in between.

Rest assured that Disney is dedicated to creating a magical and entirely inclusive experience for all!

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