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AR Pokémon ride is the no.1 attraction we want to see at Universal Studio’s Nintendo World!

Universal Studios has just announced a new partnership with Nintendo which will see a brand new ‘Nintendo World’ area come to all Universal Studios parks including Japan, Hollywood and Orlando. But what rides and attractions do we want to see at the new park?

Well, according our research, a life-size augmented reality Pokémon Battle Arena is the top attraction we’d like to see at Universal Studio’s upcoming Nintendo World!

With the break out success of Pokémon Go this summer, it seems that we simply can’t get enough of the popular franchise.

Based on our survey of over 2000 Brits, the top 10 also includes a Kirby-themed restaurant, Star Fox Rollercoaster and a Zelda themed water park:

  1. Life-size Augmented Reality Pokémon Battle Arena – 77%
  2. Real life Mario Karts – 72%
  3. Luigi’s Augmented Reality Haunted Mansion – 68%
  4. Legend of Zelda Water Temple water park – 64%
  5. Kirby’s All You Can Eat Restaurant – 62%
  6. Donkey Kong’s Jungle Run Assault Course – 57%
  7. Do a Barrel Roll Star Fox Rollercoaster – 52%
  8. Wii Sports Resort – 44%
  9. Outer Space Metroid Hunt Simulator Ride –39%
  10. Animal Crossing Petting Zoo – 34%

We also asked you what sort of games you’d like to see made into attractions and rather worryingly, a third of Brits want to see more first person shooter attractions! Even more so than fantasy-themed RPGs and retro platformers!

  1. First person shooter – 32%
  2. Action-adventure games – 22%
  3. Role-playing games – 18%
  4. Platforming games – 14%
  5. Sports games – 12%

When it came to which games you’d like to see turned into a theme park or ride, interestingly, Grand Theft Auto came up on top…could this be the next big Universal Studios partnership? We hope not!

  1. Grand Theft Auto – 65%
  2. Call of Duty – 64%
  3. Overwatch – 62%
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog – 55%
  5. The Sims – 41%
  6. Minecraft – 37%
  7. Skyrim – 33%
  8. Final fantasy – 27%
  9. Bioshock – 25%
  10. Halo – 22%
  11. Street fighter – 17%
  12. Mortal Kombat – 16%
  13. Candy Crush Saga – 14%
  14. Rocket League – 12%
  15. Tetris – 10%


Whatever Universal has planned for Nintendo World, you can be sure it’s going to out of this world!

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About the author:

Cindy is the PR manager at Floridatix, she’s a big Disney fan and is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Her favourite park in Orlando is The Magic Kingdom and she loves the Fantasmic firework show.
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