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Top 10 ways to do Disney World on a Budget

disney world on a budget

Booking a family holiday to Walt Disney World is a dream come true. Excitement provides a cushion as you purchase the essentials and some luxuries – but it is very easy to over-spend.

It can very quickly start to feel like you’ve just taken a mortgage out on the Disney World Castle, and all you have to show for it is a pair of Mickey Mouse ears!

But it doesn’t have to be this way; you really CAN dream big and still hold on to your well-earned cash. Ultimately it is all about seeing those big cheesy smiles on your kids faces, right?

1. Stick to your budget

You have decided as a family to visit Disney World, and you are now faced with the planning stage of your dream getaway. First things first, you need to have a realistic figure in mind, and an idea of: The season you will be visiting during Holiday duration Where you want to stay Food budget Spending money allowance

MouseYou will probably end up splashing out on Mouse Ears!

2. Try to visit off-season

Consider the dates you want to visit against the season. You will find better deals dependent upon whether the park is busy or quiet.

3. Shop around for deals

Keep that budget in mind at all times – this planning stage is crucial and involves shopping around. Hop online and pull up as many different prices as you can. Look at the price differences between booking a package deal and booking everything separately.

4. Location Location Location

Stay at a hotel within close proximity to Disney World, but off-site to benefit from better prices.

5. Pre-book your park tickets

Again this is an aspect you need to research before you get to Disney World; ticket prices are a lot dearer on the day so you want to get your tickets prior to visiting. Start your search on the Disney World Website to get a ballpark figure. It is then your mission to scour the web to find a price that shears the price down to a more palatable lump sum.

6. Think about parking

If you are hiring a car in Orlando it is worth knowing that the parks charge for their car parking facilities daily. Parking charges can quickly add up, and lets face it that money would be better off being spent elsewhere on your holiday!

For guests staying within the resort there is a shuttle that can get you about. For those of you staying off-site the best bet is to look into whether your hotel has its own shuttle bus to the Disney resort. Many hotels do and it is a great way to save those vital pennies.

7. Plan your meals

You are planning ahead for your time in the park, and know that food prices are not your best friend. My first rule of thumb is never buy something inside the park that you could quite easily bring in with you, so bring along a picnic lunch for the family.

8. Give the kids a budget!

If you are budgeting spending money into your allowance, let the kids have an idea of the figure and help guide them through the Disney treasure troves.

Also, don’t buy photos; the cast members around the park will be more than happy to take pictures for you using your own camera or phone.


The cast members will be happy to take photos for you!

9. Take advantage of the freebies!

Look into the bits included with your ticket that you can enjoy for free! There are plenty of parades and character meetings that you can enjoy without adding extra cost to your holiday.

10. Plan, plan and plan some more

By now you will know that I haven’t got a big Disney secret stashed up my sleeve. Your Disney World holiday and ultimately your budget reflect one thing and one thing only: Planning!

I cannot stress how vital it is to sit down and plan every little detail. Try and cover every base possible, and then once all of that is done, you can enjoy every second of your family break knowing you have not broken the bank.

Do you have any other vital tips for saving money at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!
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