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Volcano Bay Erupts Into Life – Ticket News

Not long now until those tremors from underfoot turn into a full on eruption of excitement as Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort comes to life! You’ll lava great time and if you want to upgrade you won’t have to Pom-peii anything extra! (No more volcano puns please – boss.)

Sounds awesome! When can I go?
The official opening date is 25th May. (The same day as National Tap Dancing Day in the US, if that makes it easier to remember).

I have a 2-Park Explorer Ticket – can I still visit Volcano Bay?
Yes, without spending a penny! Volcano Bay ticket prices are not separate: Your 2-Park Explorer Ticket gets you into Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and when you get there, you can upgrade to a 3-Park Explorer for free from May 12th.

How long can I spend in Volcano Bay?
It depends on when you first use your ticket. For example, if you enter the park for the first time on May 20th, you get 9 days there (May 25th-June 2nd). If you first enter on May 12th, you only get one day in Volcano Bay (May 25th). If you start using your ticket any time on or after May 25th, you get a full fortnight.

If you use it on May 11th or beforehand you’ll be coming home before it opens.

Where do I get my ticket upgraded?
There are four places in Universal Orlando Resort to get the upgrade:
• Guest Services at the front gate of Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure
• Guest Services located actually within Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure
• Any guest service location at one of the hotels on-site
• If your ticket has not yet been used, the Ticket Windows (Pass Sales) at the front gate of Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure can upgrade it.

Volcano Bay Erupts Into Life – Ticket News

I’m already at Universal Orlando Resort! Can I still upgrade?
Is it May 12th yet? If not, no you can’t. If it’s May 12th or after, then yes, but you still won’t be able to get to Volcano Bay until the 25th.

I’ve got a 3-Park Explorer Ticket – when can I start using it?
They will be valid to enter Universal Orlando Resort from May 12th but you won’t be able to get into Volcano Bay until May 25th.

I have a 2-Park Bonus Ticket – what happens with this?
We’re still waiting to find out precisely what happens with the Bonus Tickets. As soon as we know we’ll let our Bonus Ticket holders know.

My ticket says TICKET IS VALID STARTING JUNE 1, 2017 on the back.
Not to worry – you can still use your ticket from May 12th 2017.

Who won the FA Cup in 1991?
Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 2-1.

I have many, many other questions.
Give us a call on 0330 100 3130 and one of our house-trained call centre advisors will help you out.

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