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What would you sacrifice to afford a holiday in Florida?

Florida holiday sacrifices

Saving up our hard-earned cash is part and parcel of paying for Florida attraction tickets and other fun in the sun, but how far would you go to afford your dream holiday?

We asked British holidaymakers about the sacrifices they make to save money for a holiday, and here’s what we’re most likely to compromise for a getaway with our family, partner or friends:

  1. Cut down on socialising (48%)
  2. Work more hours or take a second job (35%)
  3. Sell our possessions on eBay or at a car boot sale (24%)
  4. Have fewer courses when eating out (24%)
  5. Switch to own-brand groceries or stop buying fresh vegetables (21%)
  6. Forgo hair or beauty treatments (16%)
  7. Buy less toiletries (11%)
  8. Get a credit card (11%)
  9. Dip into the overdraft (9%)
  10. Walk rather than using public transport or driving (9%)
  11. Borrow money from family or friends (9%)
  12. Stay in a job despite being unhappy (8%)
  13. Buy less pet food (3%)

Who would you be prepared to share your holiday with?

If it meant the difference between getting to have a holiday and not having one, who would you be prepared to go with? Here’s what percentage of Brits would put up with the people they’d usually want to avoid!

  • Your in-laws: 21%
  • Your ex-girlfriend / ex-boyfriend: 10%
  • Your boss or work colleagues: 9%

1/3 of us would work overtime to pay for a holiday

35% of UK holidaymakers declared they’d work extra hours and even take on a second job, whilst 1 in 10 claimed they would stay in a job, even if it made them unhappy, to ensure they could pay for a holiday.

Selling our possessions for extra holiday funds

Both men and women revealed that they would resort to selling their belongings to go on holiday. However 34% of women would be prepared to list items online or wake up early to do a car-boot sale, whilst only 18% of men would consider selling off their goods.

Sacrificing a night out

Almost half of Brits are willing to put a stop to socialising, including going out for a drink after work or to the cinema with friends. Just under a quarter of us would also stop going out for meals to cut down on extra expense.

Those living in Scotland are most likely to cut back on socialising (though this might just mean they already socialise more??) and Londoners are the least willing to sacrifice their social time

Cutting down on groceries….

Even the weekly shop takes a hit when it comes to cutting back for a break in the sunshine! To save even more money for holidays, 21% of us said we would buy cheaper own-brand groceries and stop buying fresh fruit and vegetables.

….But not on food for our pets!

We’re truly a nation of pet lovers – it turns out that we’re willing to forgo the hairdresser, buying toiletries and will even walk to work rather than cut down on buying food for our beloved animals!

North-Westerners are the most unwilling to cut down on pet food in order to save money for a holiday, and Londoners are 4 times more likely to downgrade their own grocery shop than cut back on pet food.

Budgeting for a holiday is much easier when you can spread the cost

There are loads of ways to save money for your holiday, but you don’t need to have a huge chunk of cash saved up to get tickets for Florida’s theme parks and attractions!

The Buy Now Pay Later scheme with FloridaTix lets you book tickets with a £10 deposit and then spread the cost into smaller, more manageable payments, or just pay it all off at a later date. So you can factor it into your monthly budget and avoid a financial meltdown!

What sacrifices would you be prepared to make to pay for a holiday in Florida?
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