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5 Ways To Surprise The Kids With A Trip To Walt Disney World

5 Ways To Surprise The Kids With A Trip To Walt Disney World

Don’t just say “We’re Going To Disney World” to your kids – an announcement this special needs a little ceremony and glamour, don’t you think? What about some props, puzzles and pizzazz? We’ve got some ideas to make your announcement go with a bang!


Be honest now, how many scavenger hunts do kids do nowadays? Maybe one at Easter for eggs? That’s a good enough reason in our book to get them hunting around the house for a holiday! Plus, you can be as creative as you like with your clues! Hide them inside DVDs, print them on little cards, perhaps rhyme them like Supermarket Sweep used to do (“You’re really good at solving these, you’ll find your next clue with the cheese!) If you’re super sneaky, you might be able to coax them into doing a bit of housework while they’re at it. But keep it exciting – if you’ve got a couple of kids you can make a bonus game of who can get the most clues right!


Find a decent picture of Walt Disney World, but not a too obvious one, print it off and cut it into pieces! Doesn’t have to be square pieces, and depending on the age/skill of your children, it might only be a small amount! But watch them literally piece it together and wait for their eyes to light up when the penny drops! You can combine this with the Scavenger Hunt and include a puzzle piece with each discovery for added excitement!


Letter From Mickey
Kids never get mail, and they’d probably remember the first big letter they get – so why not “send” them a letter from Mickey Mouse himself? Find a cartoony font on your computer and write them an invitation for being well behaved recently! Something along the lines of “Because you’ve been so good this year, I’m inviting you to spend a few days with me and my pals at Walt Disney World! The whole gang will be here and we can’t wait to meet you! Come along as soon as you can, we’ll see you real soon! Love, Mickey”. If you’re able to, for that extra special moment, do a “mail call” – get all your post together and give some to yourself and others in the house, before announcing with a surprise “Oh, there’s something for YOU here too!” and watch them unfold their joy.


5 Ways To Surprise The Kids With A Trip To Walt Disney World -
One increasingly-popular trend is the matching family shirts. You can find a host of print-your-own t-shirt shops online that will take any design you send them and pop it on a shirt of your colour for not a huge expense. Once you’ve got your family holiday shirts, announce them all at the same time and let the clothes do the talking!


Every parent needs some basic skill in lying to their children. Often, it’s the only way to get them to the dentist. There are a few ways of doing this – if you have family in America you can tell them you’re heading over to see them for a bit, or be purposely vague and say “Daddy’s always wanted to go to Miami” or something, pack a suitcase, and then wait until you rock up to Walt Disney World to tell them.

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