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World-First Ride Planned for Busch Gardens in 2014

Falcon's Fury

Busch Gardens have revealed plans to reach new heights in 2014 with the first face-down drop tower in the world!

Falcons Fury is intended to mimic the dive speeds of the Falcon – the fastest animal on Earth reaching speeds of 200 mph.

This world-first ride – set to open in Spring 2014 – will stand at 335ft (102m) and take riders plunging straight down at 60mph.

Experience Falcons Fury in 2014

But thats not all – when you get to the rides highest point theres another element of surprise! Like its bird of prey namesake, riders will pivot 90 in mid-air to a face-down dive position. An instant later they’ll plunge straight down at 3.5Gs, with speed and power like theyve never experienced before.


This awesome ride is set to be a record-breaker in more ways than one. With no connecting structures, Falcons Fury will be the tallest free-standing drop tower in North America. It will be visible from any location in the park and even across the Tampa Bay area.

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