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FLORIDA NEWS: Busch Gardens newest attraction hits 300ft

Falcons furty

Construction is underway!

Construction of Falcons Fury, Busch Gardens latest ride, is underway and is nearing at its final height of 335 feet making it the tallest freestanding drop down tower in North America.

From today engineers have started to load hundreds of lead blocks which will create a total counterweight of 68 tons. The counterweight is designed to counterbalance the ride vehicle and will create the force to pull riders to nearly 300ft up the tower. Once the counterweight is finally installed the next step will be to install the final vertical section of the ride and will be the final section that will bring the tower to its final height of 335ft.


The Experience

So now we know the technical stuff what does it mean for us Florida ride fanatics?? It means that we will be able to experience the flight of the fastest animal on earth, the Falcon!

After being taken up over 300ft, riders will pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face down dive position. Moments later youll be plunged 60mph at 3.5 Gs straight down with the speed and power of a Falcon in flight. Falcons Fury is sure to be a must-ride attraction in 2014!!

Visitors to Busch Gardens in 2014 will also experience the new land Pantopia which will take over the current land Timbuktu. Falcons Fury will be the centre piece of this elaborately-jewelled themed area and will feature a host of thrilling rides and attractions, amazing new food experiences, exciting entertainment, shopping and a renovated indoor theatre.

What do you think about Busch Gardens latest ride? Would you be brave enough to take on the tallest freestanding tower in North America?

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Cindy is the PR manager at Floridatix, she’s a big Disney fan and is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Her favourite park in Orlando is The Magic Kingdom and she loves the Fantasmic firework show.

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