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Busch Gardens Opens its Animal Care Centre to Visitors

Busch Garden Care Centre

A new state-of-the-art facility is now open at Busch Gardens, where visitors can observe and even take part in animal care procedures being performed by the park veterinarians.

With more than 2000 animals of 307 species residing at the park, there’s always something happening at this exciting new facility, which includes a nutrition centre, treatment rooms, a clinical lab and an interactive diagnostic activity.


Demonstrations are held throughout the day in the Nutrition Centre, where park staff plan and prepare the various animals diets. Guests will have the opportunity to assist in preparing and serving the animals their meals!

The Treatment Centre is where the action happens! Busch Gardens own veterinarians perform checkups, treatments and even surgery on various animals, which guests can watch though glass walls or on monitors showing key angles of the examination table. They can also communicate with the vets over an audio system.

The Clinical Lab is where tests are performed on samples collected from the animals, using the same types of laboratory equipment that is used in our own hospitals. The microscopes are connected to a camera, which allows guests to see exactly what the staff using the microscope are looking at.


The Diagnostic Exercise allows guests to follow an animals progress from diagnosis to treatment to blood and lab work, until the final outcome. This works by scanning an interactive activity card at several stations throughout the centre.

This new facility gives a truly unique up-close experience and helps guests to understand the level of care that the park provides for its inhabitants, a part of Busch Gardens continuing mission to connect its visitors with the natural world.

Entry to the Animal Care Centre is included with admission to Busch Gardens.

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