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FloridaTix in Orlando Part 9 – Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

So were not technically in Orlando this time, but rather Tampa Bay, about an hour and a half outside of Orlando and were visiting the fantastically wild Busch Gardens. This attraction has a mix of thrilling rollercoasters and amazing wildlife and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. This is one park you shouldnt miss when visiting Florida.

Cheetah Hunt

Walking up to the newest rollercoaster in Busch Gardens, we are greeted by a pair of cheetahs relaxing in the shade. The park was also preparing for Halloween at the time and the popular Howl oscream party it holds each year, and we could see pumpkins and spooky decorations everywhere.

Cheetahs Howl

It wasnt long before we were strapped into Cheetah Hunt, which launches the passengers to speeds over 60mph in just a few seconds. It certainly woke us up in the morning!

Cheetah Cheetah

Serengeti Plain Safari

Before hopping onto a jeep for the safari, we had a chance to wander around the vast park and see all the animalsand there was a lot to see!

A couple of giant tortoises slowly munch on their lunch. These guys were massive and live up to their name. Next door, a mob of meerkats stand on top of their den and curiously inspect the guests.

Giant Meerkats

The hyenas and lions are neighbours but are more content with lying in the shade than concerning themselves with each other.

hyena Lion

The crocodile sunbathes partially submerged in the water. We can even get an idea of the size of him underwater, as with the Hippo, who enjoyed the cool water.

Crocodile Crocodile Hippo

We also got to see a white tiger that came right up to the glass. He was just as curious to us as we were to him.

White Curious

Before taking part in the Safari, we had a chance encounter with a few flamingos, who were striding through the waiting area.


Then we were off to feed the giraffes, who were happy to come over to say hello. These gentle giants loved the attention as we hand fed them and got some superb photos.

Giraffe Curious Visitors

There were lots more animals to see as we drove through the park including a rhino sleeping with her baby.


To finish off the afternoon we rode Sheikra, a huge rollercoaster with two vertical drops. Definitely one for the more experienced thrill-seeker!

Shiekra Shiekra

Busch Gardens is a great park for both animal lovers and rollercoaster fans. Now with the park’s new Animal Care Centre, there is even more reason to check out this great attraction.

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