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The Formula for the Perfect Holiday!


Do you want your next family holiday to be as perfect as possible?

Then read on, because leading UK psychologist Dr. David Holmes has devised a formula to work out how perfect your holiday will be! 

The formula for a perfect family holiday:


What ingredients make the perfect family holiday?

1. The “Lifetime Experience” Factor (LE): Will you be “living the dream” this holiday? Doing something you know the whole family can’t wait to do? Creating memories you’ll look back on in years to come?

2. Quality Family Interaction (QI): This factor takes into account how much of the waking day will be spent with members of the family enjoying themselves together (This must include at least one adult and one child!)

3. Quality Activities (A): How much any available activities will engage your whole family.

4. Quality of Accommodation (AQ): The type of accommodation you expect to be staying in on your holiday.

5. Expected Weather (W): The kind of weather you would hope for on your family holiday given the destination. This may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised what works best in practice!

6. Your “Screen Freedom” (S): The extent that personal technology is likely to dominate your holiday. This could take the form of mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, DVD players, laptops and even watching TV when you could be spending time together connecting as a family.

7. Overall Cost (C): What is the price of perfection? You don’t necessarily want to break the bank, but scrimp too much and it could cost you a lot of family enjoyment…..

Take the Test!

We understand that not everybody is a maths whizz, so we’ve made a little ‘perfect family holiday calculator’ to help you work out your score. Answer the questions below and find out how perfect your holiday will be:

What your Perfect Family Holiday score means:

Bliss! You will recall this for years, even to your grandchildren! Over 75
This should be an enjoyable holiday for all of you 60-75
Could be better, but you should have a good time 45-59
Check some of your choices 30-44
Perhaps you are thinking about you, not your family 15-29
Talk to the experts for advice,  friends, grandparents, anybody! 1-14
Go back to the drawing board and re-plan your holiday! Less than 1

To achieve holiday bliss, make sure you spend plenty of time together enjoying some of the top attractions in Orlando. Whether it’s Disney World, Busch Gardens or Universal Studios, you’re in for a trip of a lifetime and you and your family will share these memories for the rest of your lives!

About the author:

Cindy is the PR manager at Floridatix, she’s a big Disney fan and is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Her favourite park in Orlando is The Magic Kingdom and she loves the Fantasmic firework show.
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2 thoughts on “The Formula for the Perfect Holiday!

  1. Who, exactly, is this “leading UK psychologist”, and where can we find the research backing up this stuff ?

    I challenge you to provide scientific support for this baloney (other than past evidence that idiot “journalists” will give companies free publicity off the back of such twaddle).

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