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Revealed: Theme Parks Of The Future!

Future Of Theme Parks
Theme parks have always excited and entertained, with the help of state of the art technology. Nowhere more than the Orlando theme parks is this more true. They offer experiences that stretch the imagination, push people to their limits and even educate them in the process. To see where theme park tech might take us next, futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson looks ahead from now to 2050. You can check out the interactive infographic below or download the full report (PDF) to find out more.
The Next 4 Years

'Try Before You Buy' with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality on home PCs will help guests decide which theme park to visit, by giving them taster experiences of rides complete with 3D visuals

Augmented Reality offers augmented experiences

Augmented Reality blending real world and visual tricks will be used to even greater effect in ghost trains and rollercoasters. Expect rides with real explosions and cinematic visuals

Tattoo Tickets

Say goodbye to paper tickets and plastic wristbands, with the introduction of electronic (temporary) tattoos printed straight onto the skin for faster and more secure entry

Robot Guides

Theme park robots will act as personal guides, entertainers and security guards

Hover-boards & Levitation

Hoverboards, of the type first promised in the 1980s Back to the Future film, using magnetic levitation over metallic surfaces, will make an appearance in dedicated parks at attractions across the world

Become part cyborg

Active skin technology will mimic the feeling of having superhero powers, using electronics printed onto the skin’s surface which stimulate the nerves to sharpen the senses The need to have a smartphone will also diminish, as active skin tech will allow experiences to be recorded automatically

Androids & Artificial Intelligence

The 'Guide Bots' developed around 2020 will evolve into androids with human-level intelligence and will be used as actors or stuntmen in shows

We can be heroes, just for one day

Special exoskeletal body-suits will be added to active skin technology to take the superhero experience to another level Now theme park goers will not only have sharpened senses, but can also try having superhuman strength

“Using The Force” & Mind Control

Thought recognition will allow us to communicate or control what happens in rides with our thoughts

Experience Outer Space

Exoskeleton-based experiences emulate some of what happens during a space mission. Specifically, hydraulic-assisted suits mimic the effects of low gravity.

Direct Mind Control

We will experience full 3D movement and direct links to people’s minds, such as safaris where guests could feel as if they actually are the animal

The Matrix Becomes Reality

We may see some recreation of the Matrix as ‘mind links’ allow us to share experiences with other riders
Dr Ian PearsonDr Ian Pearson is a full time futurologist, tracking and predicting developments across a wide range of technology, business, society, politics and the environment. A Doctor of Science, Dr Pearson has worked in numerous branches of engineering, from aeronautics to cybernetics, sustainable transport to electronic cosmetics.

About the author:

Cindy is the PR manager at Floridatix, she’s a big Disney fan and is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Her favourite park in Orlando is The Magic Kingdom and she loves the Fantasmic firework show.

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