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From the UK to the Cosmos: My Stellar Trip to Kennedy Space Center!

Soaring Through the Stars at Kennedy Space Center!

Greetings, cosmic thrill-seekers! πŸš€

Join me on an intergalactic odyssey through the wonders of the Kennedy Space Center, where every moment is a celestial surprise under the Sunshine State’s rays.

Buckle up, time for lift off!


Day 1: Touchdown in Titusville! 🌍

My journey began with contagious excitement at London Heathrow Terminal 3.Our Virgin Atlantic flight treated us to impeccable service and as the aircraft gracefully touched down in Orlando, our delayed arrival prompted a quintessentially American experience
– a late-night McDonald’s drive-through, ensuring our initiation into the rhythm of the Sunshine State!

Our base for this trip was the Courtyard by Marriott in Titusville, located near KSC and decked out in space-themed decor, complete with a rooftop Space Bar offering panoramic views of launch pads – the ideal spot for a two-day exploration of the Kennedy Space Center.


Day 2: Blast Off into the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex! πŸš€

The dawn of Day 2 bathed us in the warm glow of the Florida sun as we geared up for our first day of intergalactic wonder.
After breakfast, a seamless transfer whisked us away to the Kennedy Space Center.

Our morning began with an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the Green Room, where we had the pleasure of meeting some of the brilliant minds behind KSC.
We were told the plans of the future of this iconic attraction, and the team promised a decade filled with groundbreaking developments and extraordinary experiences
– without spoiling the surprises in store, their plans surpass even the wildest of imaginations, I promise! πŸ˜‰


Kennedy Space Center’s All-New HYPERDECK VR


Still riding the wave of secrets and surprises, we were also gifted a sneak peek of HYPERDECK VR before it had opened!
This brand-new innovative and immersive, virtual reality experience became only just opened to the public but I can guarantee it’ll be a fan favourite in no time!

We suited up, headgear in place and helped collect lunar minerals along the Moon’s surface.
Feeling the rush of the air as we glided from one location to the next, and the heat from the boosters as you soar high above Earth’s atmosphere while the ground rattled beneath us, made for a galactic adventure like no other!
I couldn’t recommend this invigorating experience enough!


Following this unbelievable VR experience, we sat down for lunch at the Orbit Cafe.
For those fortunate enough to snag a ticket that includes a free $15 lunch, the selection was nothing short of stellar.
From fresh, vibrant salads to true Florida-style burgers, the culinary options were a delight!

Our afternoon at KSC was dedicated to the Explore tour, a worthy add-on that allowed us to witness the official launch pads up close and revel in spectacular views of the launch areas.
Guided by a space enthusiast, this immersive experience unveils iconic spaceflight landmarks such as the monumental Vehicle Assembly Building and the dynamic NASA Press Site.
What sets this tour apart is the opportunity to disembark at various stops, transforming each moment into a picture-perfect memory.
The road to the Apollo/Saturn V Center becomes a visual tapestry, inviting enthusiasts to lose themselves in the realm of space exploration.
It’s more than a tour; it’s a firsthand encounter with the awe-inspiring legacy that defines the Kennedy Space Center.

Following this spectacular tour, we headed to dinner.
The group ventured into downtown Titusville, indulging in the Playalinda Brewery Company menu, where a birthday cake pint added a sweet note to an already astronomical day!

And that’s when we were surprised beyond belief!

Readers, buckle up – you’re not ready for this next bit…

As the sun dipped below the horizon, our minds were truly blown to cosmic levels!
Beyond our wildest dreams, we were lucky enough to bare witness to the perfectly timed SpaceX Falcon launch, visible from the Hotel’s Space Bar – an experience etched into the pages of our memory books forever.
This spectacle was a dream come true to be able to witness and secured this Florida trip as one I will never, ever forget!

And thus concludes another day of unforgettable experiences in Florida, with promises of sweet dreams filled with stars!πŸŒŸπŸ›Œ


Day 3: Astronaut Adventures and Atlantis Awesomeness! πŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€

As the galactic journey entered its third day, the group (still reeling from the events of the night before) could barely contain our excitement for what was to come!

The day began with an immersive dive into the Astronaut Training Experience, where every participant became a part-time space explorer.
Simulated spacewalks, anti-gravity antics, and astronaut-level challenges awaited, providing an absolute thrill for anyone with a spark of curiosity for the cosmos.
For $175, the price of admission included five activities over five hours, free snacks, drinks, and even a free T-shirt – a worthwhile investment for budding astronauts and seasoned space enthusiasts alike.

The ‘Chat with an Astronaut’ experience added a personal touch to the day as we met Woody Spring, a expert astronaut with tales that reached beyond the Earth’s atmosphere!
My personal favourite moment was watching the inquisitive questions from little ones in our group; it was heartwarming seeing their little minds whiz in wonder, eyes full of promise and visibly brimming with barely contained awe and excitement – for me, this proves that the allure of space knows no age boundaries and is the perfect spot for kids to shoot for the stars!

Then came the highlight of the day – a journey to Atlantis!

The walk-through experience commenced with a tear-jerking video chronicling the shuttle’s journey from conceptualisation to launch.
As the screen lifted, revealing the majestic Atlantis, a collective gasp of awe echoed through the room.


The experience crescendoed with a visit to the launch simulation, a must for both kids and adults alike.
The wait, lasting 15-25 minutes, was a small price to pay for the ear-to-ear smiles that accompanied our exit.
Veteran NASA astronauts call it the next best thing to flying aboard the space shuttle, and i can only concur – it’s an experience hard to put into words!

As the sun set on Day 3, we bid adieu to Kennedy Space Center, our exploration continued southward to Cocoa Beach for a delectable dinner at Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar in Port Canaveral. Whether you dared to order the whole grilled fish or indulged in the rumored-to-be-divine fish tacos, the culinary offerings were a testament to the diverse flavors of Florida.β˜€οΈ

Day 4: Space Adventures Continue! πŸš€πŸŒŒ

On the fourth and final day of our cosmic expedition, we returned to Kennedy Space Center with a renewed sense of wonder and excitement.
Our destination for the day was Gateway, one of Kennedy’s newest experiences that promised a journey into the present and future of space exploration – maybe even living in space!

The awe-inspiring sight of the SPACEX Falcon suspended from the ceiling greeted our group, setting the tone for an exploration that bridged the realms of imagination and reality.

Moving on to one of the four space simulators, I chose the ‘Journey to Mars’ – a decision that would later prove to be an excellent one.

Mars unfolded before us in a true 4D experience, capturing the essence of a journey to the Red Planet.
The combination of visual effects, dynamic motion, and sensory engagement transported us beyond the confines of Earth, leaving us with a profound appreciation for the possibilities that lie within our reach.

As our spacecraft touched down at KSC for the final time, the Gateway experience had etched itself into our memories as a testament to the evolving frontiers of space exploration.

Our journey through Kennedy Space Center had been nothing short of a intergalactic spectacle, sparking a renewed fascination for space exploration.
And the Sunshine State provided the perfect backdrop for a journey that transcended the ordinary and soared into the extraordinary!

Until our next cosmic escapade, delightful readers.

Keep dreaming of the galaxies and reaching for the stars! πŸŒ πŸ’«

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