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New “Kitten World” Theme Park Opening in Florida!

New Kitten World Theme Park

April Fool! Sadly Kitten World isn’t real, the idea was conceived by a team of crazy cat ladies who live in hope that one day a cat theme park will become a reality.

Crazy Cat Ladies – and Cat Men – the world over will go purr-crazy for this kitty-tastic new theme park that’s just been announced in Florida!

“Kitten World” is an entirely cat-themed park designed especially by cat-lovers, for cat-lovers.

Theme Park Construction Manager April Poole revealed “We’ve seen from the rise of internet cats and well-loved cat videos that us humans just love our feline friends, and the concept for Kitten World was themed to celebrate this”.

Details about this pawsome park have yet to be confirmed, but we can exclusively reveal some of the rides and attractions that will have you mewling with excitement!

Cucumber Jump Coaster:

A cucumber appears from nowhere right in front of you, and you’re instantly catapulted high into the air.Cucumber Jump Coaster

Kitty Terror Train:

A ghost train featuring everything cats are most scared of – dogs, water, silver foil, the vet…. Will you make it through the cat flap to the safety of home?

Cardboard Box Ride:

Cats just love a cardboard box! This ride is similar to the Teacups, but with cardboard boxes instead of cups.

“Smelly Cat” Ball Pit:

A fun ball pit with all the colourful surprises you’d expect to find in a kitty litter tray!
Smelly Cat Ball Pit

Grumpy Cat Coaster:

The grumpiest coaster in all of Florida!

Kitten’s Got Talent:

Come and see the world’s most talented cats perform! Whether it’s cats playing pianos or cats that can bark like a dog, the live Kitten’s Got Talent show promises to showcase the smartest (and cutest) cats and their proud owners.

Kitten Petting Zoo:

Take some time out and pet some adorable kittens! Using pioneering technology, Kitten World have developed a new breed of cat which never grows up and remains a cute, tiny kitten forever!Kitten Petting Zoo

Princess Monster Trucks:

Ride a 15-foot monster truck with a fierce underbite.

NONONONO Flume Ride:

A water ride that will have you screaming like the Nonono Cat himself as you speed towards the bath.

ReTail Alley:

The park offers over 30 shops where you can make all your purrrchases. From cat-themed kitchenware to matching onesies for you and your fluffy friend, make sure you plan in some shopping time during your visit!

The opening date of Kitten World will be announced soon – sign up to our newsletter and be the first to find out!

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