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6 Facts you need to know about Swimming with Manatees in Florida

Swimming Manatee in Florida

Next on Your Bucket List – Swimming with Manatees in Florida!

Theme parks are awesome but what do you do when you get fed up with the crowds and want a break? Well, you go swimming with manatees in the wild, of course!

The manatee swim is one of Florida’s hidden gems. Not many people know that you can dive right where the lovable giants live.

If you love animals you probably need no convincing, but if you aren’t sold on the experience just by looking at the adorable “floaty potato” below, read along for a few interesting facts about the manatee swim that will totally get you hooked!

Swimming with Manatees in Florida Infographic

Ready for a manatee swim?

If reading  these cool manatee facts made you feel like you just need some manatee love in your life, it’s time to add swimming with manatees to your holiday in Florida!

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