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Embark on a Magical Voyage: The All-New Journey of Water at EPCOT

Discovering the Enchanting World of Moana at the All-New Journey of Water at EPCOT!

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The magical world of Moana has finally arrived at EPCOT.
This self-guided, walk-through trail is embellished with all the mystical beauty of Motonui and we’ve got your guide on everything to know before you go – what can we say except you’re welcome?
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In celebration of Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, Walt Disney World Resort are sending you splashing into the world of Moana with the brand new fun-filled, interactive, tropically landscaped Journey of Water, located in the World Nature neighbourhood of EPCOT.
We know it’s a lot, the hair, the bod…wait sorry, that’s not quite right.
Let’s try that again, shall we?
See the land where the sky meets the sea? It calls youuu…and here’s what you can expect!


Interactive Water Features

Instagram: themagicaldetails

The magic is within at Journey of Water.
As you traverse the lands and seas of Motonui, feel the magic of the ocean course through you with interactive water features at every turn.
With fountains that stop and start with the wave of a hand and curtains of water that part as you walk through them, among many m.
Remember, don’t let the power get to your head like a certain beloved demigod is known to do; Motonui relies on balance and it’s up to you and the magic at your fingertips to protect the land and maintain the balance.
You won’t believe it till you do it yourself!

Te Fiti Sees All

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With her heart now restored at the centre of Motonui, Te Fiti now graces the grassy greens and crystalline waters of Journey of Water at EPCOT.
Her mountainous body sits larger than life, nestled high on the greenery,  gazing below and watching over her precious land of Motonui and protecting the water as it travels through the water cycle.
Look up and say hello when you visit.
Don’t worry, we guarantee you won’t be able to miss her!


Lessons on Water

Instagram: themagicaldetails

It wouldn’t be a Moana inspired land without some important wisdom intertwined along your path.
Take heed and listen to the guidance of the Motonui folk, as they teach you the key lessons of the magic of the water.

Water is a Friend

The ocean guided Moana to her fate, picking her up when she was down and providing her passageway to Te Fiti, guiding her on her heroic voyage.
And just as the ocean was to Moana, the water is a friend to you.
Interact with it just like Moana, and allow it to guide you through the Journey of Water, on your path and your own quest.

Water Connects Us All

From the oceans that connects continents to the rivers that provide fish and the lakes that we bathe in below the glow of the sun, the water brings us all together.
It allows us to travel the tropics and feed our loved ones, providing insurmountable value and joy into our lives.
At Journey of Water, you’ll learn all about global water cycle and the magnificent journey water takes across our planet.

Water Needs Protection

From her wise Gramma Tala, Moana learnt the importance of how we treat the water, respecting and treasuring it, and, above all, protecting it.
Through the Journey of Water, the message is as clear as the water that flows. keeping the water clean is paramount.
The water is is a precious natural resource, it is invaluable to us and we should love it as such.
Journey of Water, you’ll learn how to do exactly that and how you can make a positive impact of the water world.


Wet or Dry Path? The Choice is Yours

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Been staring at the water, never really knowing why?
Maybe the splash just isn’t for you, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beauty of the vast Journey of Water lands.
Fear not, a dry path is available for all visitors who would prefer to stay crisp dry.

However, if you don’t mind a little wet and wild fun or even a full soaking, a lush watery path awaits.
So get ready to dance with the streams and maybe take some spare socks (no one likes soggy socks!).


Meet Moana

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Always wanted to rub shoulders with a real Disney heroine?
Then set sail to Journey of Water, where Moana is set to visit!
Join Moana as she takes a stroll through the winding paths of Journey of Water, soaking in the sun, smelling the greenery and visiting her old friend, the water.
She can’t wait to meet you!

Instagram: wdwnt


Disney fans young and young at heart are sure to be enchanted by the vast tropical landscapes and serene clear waters of the Journey of Water.
With wisdom to take away, magic at your fingertips and beauty all around, Journey of Water promises memories to last a lifetime and an aquatic adventure you’ll never forget!


Instagram: themagicaldetails


Every turn you take, every trail you track, there’s magic waiting for you at the all-new Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, at Epcot.

Book now to experience it for yourself – no one knows, how far you’ll go…

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