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Mongoose Lemur Twins Born at Busch Gardens!

Baby Mongoose Lemurs Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens have had a new arrival! Well, two to be exact. A pair of Mongoose Lemur twins were born at the park on 27th April weighing 80 grams each.

The babies haven’t been named yet, because the park staff aren’t sure if they are male or female, but at around 6-8 months old males start to change colour and develop a red beard whereas females have a darker face and white beard.

Mongoose lemurs are classed as a vulnerable species, so these babies are an encouraging sign and highlight the parks conservational efforts. We also assume that their mother, 17-year-old Rosalita is happy too!

Baby Busch Mother

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Farrah is a Copywriter at FloridaTix. Her biggest loves in life are animals, food, writing and sleeping, and she lists Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens as her scariest experience to date.

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