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National Fishing Month in Florida

Fishing in Florida

Between the 20th July and 27th August countless people will be grabbing their fishing rods up and down the country to take part in the National Fishing Month. But its not just aimed at avid fishers. People who havent even picked up a fishing net in their life are encouraged to take part in this popular sport.

FloridaTix want to take this event beyond the ponds and lakes of Britain though. If youre visiting Florida this month then we encourage you to try out some of the fantastic fishing opportunities available from FloridaTix.


Clearwater Deep Sea Fishing

Take a day out and escape the busy theme parks to venture out into the Gulf of Mexico and try your hand at Deep Sea Fishing. Youll be kitted out with the best fishing equipment and will have the opportunity to catch Tarpon, Snapper, Jacks, Grouper or even sharks.

At the end of the day, your catch is packed in ice for the return back to shore and all this includes lunch as well!

Trophy Bass Fishing

Trophy Bass fishing is a popular sport amongst the pros and Florida has some of the best fishing sports for this experience. Grab your mate and a rod and hit the 65-acre private lake in the Florida countryside dedicated especially to Bass fishing.

Party and Sport Fishing Miami

Hop onto a 70 foot long fishing vessel and embark on an adventure into the warm Florida waters where youll find some unique fishing opportunities. You would be able to catch anything from small pan fish to big game fish and, of course, you can keep anything you catch.

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