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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is Now a Certified Autism Centre

Embarking on an Inclusive Space Adventure: Kennedy Space Center’s Commitment to Autism Sensitivity. 

Step into a world of wonder at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, already a cherished Florida hotspot for families. Now, imagine this captivating experience becoming even more inclusive, thanks to a transformative journey involving the dedicated team at Kennedy Space Center undergoing specialised training to enhance their understanding and welcome towards autistic or sensory-sensitive visitors. The result? Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex proudly earns the title of a Certified Autism Centre! 

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) played a crucial role by conducting an insightful onsite review, offering additional recommendations to ensure a truly inclusive experience for all. 

Here are the features and services now in place to ensure the Visitor Complex is a more accessible, inclusive, safe and enjoyable experience for all guests: 

On-Sight Sensory Guidance 

At every turn of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, informative signs guide guests on how each experience might impact their senses. This ingenious addition empowers visitors to plan their activities based on individual needs and preferences. 

Low Sensory Areas of Calm Amidst the Cosmos  

Discover specific areas within the complex designed as low-sensory havens. These tranquil spaces provide guests with sensory sensitivities a retreat to recharge and relax, away from the bustling energy of the attractions. 

A Team of Trained & Compassionate Allies 

The front-line team at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is now equipped with extensive training, fostering a deep understanding of autism and sensory sensitivities. Every team member is committed to ensuring that every guest, irrespective of their needs, feels supported and welcomed throughout their visit. 

Kennedy Space Center’s Sensory Guide 

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex website and app now feature a comprehensive sensory guide. This invaluable resource empowers visitors to prepare for their journey in advance, allowing them to plan a day that caters to their unique sensory requirements. 

Therrin Protze, the Chief Operating Officer of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, expressed, “This certification is just one way we are working to ensure that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is accessible to each of our guests.” The commitment to autism sensitivity and awareness training has already transformed the way the staff interacts with all families and children, making the attraction a beacon of inclusivity. 

Joining the ranks of other Florida attractions like LEGOLAND Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, and Discovery Cove, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex stands as a testament to the power of inclusivity in creating memorable experiences for everyone, regardless of their abilities. Prepare for an adventure that embraces diversity and ensures that the magic of space exploration is truly for everyone. 

 For out-of-this-world adventure for all, visit Kennedy Space Center!

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