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VIDEO: 360˚ of Orlando From The Air

Some things aren’t worth getting up early for. Traffic jams, delayed transport, running out of breakfast or just the fact it’s raining again.

Some things most definitely ARE worth getting up early for and at the top of our list is the sunrise hot air balloon tour we took in Orlando last week. It was a shocking early start to get out of the hotel while it was still dark but just take a look at some of the views we got! We spent an hour in the air, got a Champagne welcome and drifted gently over the gorgeous Florida landscape.

If you’re in Orlando and fancy this amazing experience, you can get your Orlando Balloon Tour tickets right here! But it is a morning-only thing, so no lie-ins!

Here’s a full three-minute video of our experience in the air above Florida. Except, we’ve taken out the background noise and put in some nice soft piano music because the deafening sound of the flame jet nearly ruined our camera! Honestly, your speakers will thank us.

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