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Orlando’s fastest rollercoaster darts into SeaWorld next year!

It’s official – there’s a new ride opening at SeaWorld Orlando in summer 2016!

Named after one of the ocean’s fastest sharks, “Mako” will become the tallest, fastest and longest rollercoaster in Orlando.

Mako new SeaWorld ride - Plaza birds eye view

So just how tall will Mako at SeaWorld be?

A mighty 200ft – over 50ft taller than SeaWorld’s other rollercoasters Kraken and Manta!

How fast will it go?

At its fastest it’ll reach speeds of up to 73mph – faster than Sheikra and Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa.

How long will it be?

You’ll travel along 4,760 feet of steel track – nearly a full mile!

Check out this video to get a taste of what it’ll feel like to ride Mako:

Where will it be located?

Mako will become the centre of a new shark-themed area, aimed at making you feel like you’re underwater.

sharks realm render - resized

The two acre plaza will include the existing Shark Encounter and Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant – plus a few new shops, attractions and experiences!


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About the author:

Sam is a member of the marketing team at FloridaTix. She LOVES roller coasters (the scarier the better!) and her favourite theme park in Florida is Busch Gardens.

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