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FloridaTix Photo Competition 2011 Winner

Back in August we launched the FloridaTix Photo Competition. We gave all our lovely customers the chance to win the cost of their tickets back by entering a photo from their holiday that captured the Magic of Florida!

Hundreds of you entered and we have had some amazing photos from you all, but one stood out and really does capture the Magic of Florida!

So today we are pleased to announce the winner of the FloridaTix Competition! So drum roll please.

The winner of the FloridaTix Photo Competition is Peter Collins


This photo means the world to us, as our son does not talk and was using sign language with snow white, she spent so much time with him trying to communicate with him. She asked us what I love you is in sign language, and thats what she was signing in the photo, then he signed it back to her. It bought a tear to all that was around.

All of us here at FloridaTix loved the story behind this heart-warming photo as it captures the essence and magic of what Disney is all about; spreading joy to everyone, old and young. Congratulations Peter!

Honourable Mentions

We received loads of brilliant photos from our customers and we couldnt let them go unnoticed, so here are some honourable mentions, which we would like to share with you.



Andrew –

Fun for all ages!



Hungry Hungry Lorey’s!!



Emma –

This captured the moment when our daughter Amy met Cinderella for the first time at the Magic Kingdom. We think it really captures the joy she felt that she could actually hug her. The expression on Cinderella’s face is so completely natural and also seems so happy to get such a wonderful hug! We think it epitomises the phrase ‘Where the Magic Begins’



Granville –

Whatever you do…don’t let go of the strings!!




Water Park


Darren –

It was taken at Typhoon Lagoon. The reason for this is this water park was my daughters favourite and she absolutely loved the big wave. She literally spent the whole day in the wave pool (Even though she wouldnt go in alone -as you can see).



Martin –

The Manta ride at Seaworld

Night Time


Richard –

The Magic Of Disney

Best Caption


Why are Pirates called Pirates…They just arrrrrrr!

Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that took part in this competition. We loved every single photo we received. They were all so good and we had a very difficult time trying to pick a winner!

It’s amazing to see how much people love the sights and sounds of Orlando’s attractions. We hope you all continue to spread the joy and capture the memories in an image to keep and share forever.

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