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A Sea of Surprises at SeaWorld’s 50th Celebration

SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld Orlando are well into their year-long 50th anniversary celebrations, and are revealing more new shows, animal connections, and fabulous surprises as the celebrations continue!

From pathways bubbling over with exciting new entertainment to more up-close animal encounters and festive new shows, to the SeaWorld Surprise Squad delivering prizes and surprises, here’s just some of the surprises you might encounter if you visit SeaWorld in 2014.

SeaWorld Surprise Squad

One of our favourite ways to surprise guests at our parks this year! This energetic team will deliver an experience everywhere they turn up, including all sorts of special gifts and prizes. We can’t tell you any more though, or it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Animal Ambassadors


Guests are often greeted by an animal ambassador, many of whom were orphaned or injured in the wild and rescued by the SeaWorld Rescue Team. As part of the 50th Celebration, there will be more surprise encounters with animal ambassadors – a pair of Magellanic penguins, a lemur, or even a parade of flamingos could surprise you at any moment!

The Big Bubble Blowout!

An eccentric tinker is travelling through the park by way of a whimsical vehicle, blowing bubbles of all sizes and shapes and getting guests on-board to create the biggest Bubble Blowout!

Splash Dance

A local landscaping team loses control of their hoses and sprayers and before too long they are soaked from head to toe. Comedy, laughter, music and lots of water lead to a high-energy Splash Dance!

The Sea Street Band

Make sure you listen out for this cool band, which plays a large variety of music as they travel through the streets of SeaWorld! The combination of brass and percussion keeps the energy high as they invite guests to join the party!

And with special summertime extras like the fireworks finales, its a celebration as big as the sea itself!

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