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SeaWorld Plans for 3 New Attractions in 2012 – 2013

SeaWorld New Attractions 2012

SeaWorld has just announced some huge news which will delight fans around the world. The park’s designers have planned for new expansions to SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove for 2012 and another massive expansion to SeaWorld in 2013.

TurtleTrek – now open

Set to open in spring 2012, TurtleTrek will keep the parks award winning formula of immersive entertainment and face to face animal encounters. Guests can expect to explore two huge aquatic habitats for freshwater animals such as manatees, whilst a saltwater habitat will be home to over 1,500 fish and more than a dozen sea turtles.

SeaWorld maintain their approach to respecting and conserving the environment with their latest addition by educating and involving the audience. It is no surprise then that the manatees and sea turtles on display have been rescued by the parks animal team, ensuring that they have the best possible future residing in SeaWorld.

After meeting these aquatic giants, guests will be immersed in the underwater world of the sea turtle in a 3D, 360 degree dome theatre, the first of its kind. This will offer guests a spectacular all-around view of a sea turtles journey through the oceans as if they were really there.


Freshwater Oasis

Another fantastic attraction set to open in 2012 which involves swimming and wading exploration down a lazy river through the habitat of, not fish or dolphins, but animals of the mammalian kind. Guests will come face to face with playful otters and curious marmosets as they adventure through the shallows.

This latest attraction will join the other amazing animal encounters you can experience at Discovery Cove, such as the Dolphin Swim, The Grand Reef and the Free-Flight Aviary. Discovery Cove are continuing to do what they do best and thats allowing people get up close to wonderful and exotic wildlife, not just for entertainment, but also for educational purposes as well.


Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin

Coming in 2013, this is set to be SeaWorlds biggest expansion yet. Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin transports you to the bottom of the world where cold winds blow, huge glaciers carve their way through mountains and the ice reaches 9,000 feet thick. This is home to the penguin.

You will no doubt be able to meet a few inquisitive penguins on your visit and take part in the family adventure with state of the art technology. We havent been given too many details of this new attraction, but were sure it will be the coolest place in Florida!


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