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The Haunted Houses Of Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Halloween Horror Nights At Universal -

Halloween Horror Nights are coming back to Universal Resorts Orlando for a 27th straight year and we are ready to quiver in our boots and jump out of our skins for the scariest, spookiest nights on the calendar! Universal have announced all their haunted houses for the event so with the big launch night fast approaching, we thought we’d check them out!

Saw: The Games Of Jigsaw

The infamous Jigsaw Killer has brought the Saw series of films into the park, and has his hellish tests with him… be prepared to be tormented with his twisted take on poetic justice.

The Shining

Proudly boasted on the official HHN website as the “most terrifying haunted experience imaginable”, Kubrick’s petrifying psychological thriller The Shining will give you serious shivers.

American Horror Story: Volume 2

Officially voted “House Of The Year” in 2016, American Horror Story is back, and more gruesome than ever! Three horrifying stories in one freaky house – they’re keen to seek out anyone foolish enough to return to their realm!

Horrors Of Blumhouse

It’s always awesome to experience a haunted house of your favourite film, but what about five of your favourite films? Blumhouse Productions are responsible for the likes of Sinister, Insidious and The Purge, and have a house experience featuring characters and scenes from all of these frightening flicks!

Not only that, but also included is a segment from Insidious: Chapter 4 – a film that doesn’t come out until 2018! So you can experience the thrill of the film long before release! All super exciting!

Scarecrow: The Reaping

On an abandoned farmhouse, somewhere in the deserted wilderness, work is beginning to flicker back into life. But there’s only one thing the scaregrow guardians are looking to harvest – YOU!

The Hive

In this spooky, deserted house, a nest of bloodthirsty vampires is sleeping, and really really do not want to be disturbed. As you tiptoe through this house, wake them at your peril, or keep them sleeping if you want to escape safely!

Dead Waters

A few Halloween Horror Nights ago, the streets of Universal Studios Florida welcomed the Bayou of Blood scare zone. It was so well received, they’ve based an entire house on it this year!

Explore the Dead Waters of the Voodoo Queen and her hellish swamplands. Take a look inside the half sunken riverboat and glance upon the skeletal remains of her victims… you’ll be next if you don’t get a move on!

The Fallen

The battle of good and evil, light versus dark, is as old as time itself. The Fallen are flying, jumping and crawling to the surface to fight for the kingdom of darkness and they’re ready to destroy anything in their path. And you’ll be in that path. Caught in the crossfire between an eternal battle, and they don’t much care for you. Fight through with all you’ve got!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Need a little light relief after all these frights? Ash Vs. Evil Dead, the horror comedy from the Starz network, has rib-tickling terror in this horrifically hilarious addition.

Can’t Handle The Houses?

It’s not just the main horribly haunted houses to check out, there’s plenty more spooky goings-on in the resort!

Be sure to check out Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure! If you’ve been to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights at any point in the last 25 years you’ll have seen Bill & Ted doing their thing. And in 2017, they are doing it for the very last time as The Farewell Tour hits the stage. It’s a ridiculous riot and this is your last chance to see it! There’s also the Academy Of Villains: Afterlife show, an absorbing performance of mind-bending dance routines and special acts.

When you’re walking around the resort, you might just stumble into a Scare Zone! You’ll encounter ghastly ghouls in Festival Of The Deadliest, survive alien experimenation in Invasion!, escape apocalyptic New York in The Purge and experience some twisted tales in Trick ‘r Treat. Finally, enter the Nexus of Evil in Altars Of Horror, where a character from each haunted house is waiting for you!

That’s not all! Be sure to experience Revenge Of The Mummy in pitch blackness, take a blood-curdling 17-storey drop on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and and take aim at the “scum of the Universe” aliens in Men In Black Alien Attack

The Halloween Horror Night spectacle starts on September 15, so, soon! It runs on select nights until November 4, and with 34 nights of spooky action, it’s set to be the biggest ever!

Dates & Tickets

So these are the dates where Halloween Horror Nights IS on:
September: 15-17, 21-24, 29-30
October: 1, 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, 25-31
November: 3-4

Get your tickets to Halloween Horror Nights here – you can even pick up a combo ticket for all three Universal parks and the Halloween Horror Nights pass! It’s spook-tacular!

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