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10 Great Tips to fill your Disney Autograph Book!

Disney Autograph Book

We came across a brilliant article by Cheapskate Princess, who’s collected loads of tips for meeting the characters at Disney World and getting them to sign your Disney autograph book. Out of all the tips, these are our favourite 10 for autograph-hunting at the Disney parks!

1. Bring a big autograph book!

If they have the time, the characters might draw you a picture as well as signing their autograph!

2. Get there early for a good quality autograph

The characters’ hands can get tired after their 500th autograph of the day, so if you want the best-looking autograph possible, catch them early.

Stitch signing an autograph

3. Head for the meet & greets first

While everyone is making the mad dash when the parks first open, make sure you head for the character meet and greets! They usually aren’t busy early on, which means you can have better interactions with them.

You can book many of the character meet & greets with Disney’s Fastpass+, which is included with all advance Disney tickets.

4. Leave space for photos too!

Make your autograph book more exciting by getting a photo of your family with the character(s) to stick alongside each autograph. For a more fun photo, do some poses like surfing with Lilo and Stitch, or high fiving Mickey Mouse.

5. Book a Character Meal

This is one of the best ways to spend some time with the characters, without waiting in long queues or getting lost in the crowds at the theme parks! Check out The 5 best Disney character dining experiences for ideas.

Chef Mickey Character Meal

6. Bring a big Sharpie!

Bring one of those big Sharpie pens and have it ready to go. Many of the characters have huge gloved hands and will find it easier to use a larger writing device!

7. You’ll find lots of characters at Epcot

Here you’ll find the Epcot Character Spot, which pretty much always has a variety of characters waiting to say hello! Also at the Epcot World Showcase there will be different characters to meet at the different countries.

Minnie at Epcot Character Spot

8. Ask the characters questions about themselves

Get your children to ask the characters questions about their movie or about other characters they know – their responses are usually fantastic and it might give them something exciting to write in your autograph book!

9. Bring them a gift

Disney Characters are not allowed to accept money or food, but they can accept small gifts, drawings, and letters. A little personalised gift could make their day! It’s also lots of fun for children to make the gifts before your trip.

10. If an autograph book isn’t your thing….

Bring something other than the traditional autograph books, like a t-shirt or pillow case, for the characters to sign. Then the kids will have a special keepsake as a reminder of an amazing trip!

Disney Autograph T-Shirt

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