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Tips for Driving in Florida

Getting around Florida is easiest by car! If you plan to hire a set of wheels in the Sunshine State, these are our top tips for driving in Florida:

Get a feel for driving on the right

OK this is the most obvious one, but if you haven’t driven on the “wrong” side of the road for a while, it’s a good idea to have a bit of a practice on some quieter roads before tackling the busy highways.

Know what fuel your car needs

Make sure you find out what kind of fuel the car takes, as you’ll need to fill the tank before you return it! It may not always be obvious, so make sure you’re in the know before you leave the rental location.

Make life easier with a Sat Nav

You can add a GPS device to your rental for just a little extra cost per day, and in return it will make getting from place to place much easier and save you lots of time!

Know the child safety seat laws

In Florida, children aged 5 and under must sit in a child safety seat or booster seat. These can be added to your car rental for a small extra cost – better than facing a $60 fine and 3 points on your licence!

Driving on the toll roads

To drive on one of Florida’s toll roads, you’ll need to stop and make a payment at the toll booth. To save time you can get a transponder sticker which lets you “drive now, pay later” and sail straight through! Find out more about transponder stickers here

Turning at red lights

In Florida you’re allowed to turn right at a red light if there are no pedestrians crossing at the junction – just remember to come to a stop first to check it’s safe to do so. Anywhere that this rule doesn’t apply will be fully signposted.

What if I can’t or don’t want to drive?

A lot of holidaymakers don’t even consider getting around Orlando without a car, but is it really that difficult to have an awesome holiday using just public transport?

We asked two actual Orlando residents; How easy is it to get around Orlando without a car?

What are your top tips for driving in Florida?

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