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SeaVenture at Discovery Cove: In Pictures


The amazing SeaVenture Experience at Discovery Cove takes you on a walk along the bottom of the Grand Reef, for a fish’s-eye-view of all the exotic sea life!

The huge diving helmets allow you to breathe underwater (and keep you dry!)
seaventure helmet

Even though the helmets weigh 70lbs on land, their weight feels much less underwater so they are totally comfortable

seaventure helmet underwater

You can’t hear each other speak, so we were taught basic hand signals to communicate

hand signals discovery cove seaventure

The reef is home to over 8000 fish of 150 species

Including some ginormous rays….

and even sharks! (but don’t worry, they’re safely behind a glass wall)

Most exciting of all, you get to hold creatures like starfish and horseshoe crabs!

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