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10 Types of People You’ll Find at Disney World

Walt Disney World attracts millions of people through its gates every year. Some of these are first-time visitors, others are annual pass holders or frequent travellers who spend as much time there as they can. If you were to actually look at this smorgasbord of humans, then you might see a pattern. Here are 10 types of people you’re likely to see at Walt Disney World:

The Classic Tourists


You can spot them a mile off. Map in hand, camera around neck and perhaps a brand new Mickey hat or set of Minnie Ears upon their head. They will be eating a classic Mickey bar or turkey leg and will no doubt be in the park from dusk ‘til dawn to get it all done (aside – you never get it ALL done, that’s why we keep going back!)

The Newbie/Wide-eyed Kid(s)

Wide Eyed Kids

They will be mainly spotted gawping at The Castle and generally looking lost and overwhelmed, but in a good way. I defy anyone not to have a moment of awe when they first turn onto Main Street.

The Bounders

Unless it is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, these people won’t be fully costumed, but their outfit will totally be themed to a specific character. They will often be found in couples and will appreciate positive remarks about their attire.

The Pin Collectors

Disney Pins

They will have a lanyard full of pins which will be so heavy it will weigh the same as a Mayor’s chain, and many extras all over their cap, backpack etc. They will scour the parks for elusive collector items and will attend meets and queue for hours when limited edition ones have been released.

The Matching T-Shirt Family

Matching T-Shirts

You know the ones: “The Pipe’s Disney Reunion 2017″ – Grandparents, mom, dad, daughter, son, baby, aunt, great-aunt… you name the spurious relation, they will have a shirt for it.

The “About to Burst” Parent

We have all seen them. The parent who looks like they’re about to bust a blood vessel over something their kid has done or hasn’t done… Walt Disney World can cause stimulation and emotion overload to anyone, not just kids! After riding It’s a Small World five times in a row, then listening to Junior whine for 30 minutes until they get an ice-cream only to drop it immediately, and realise now they’ve missed their Fast Pass time for the only attraction they were interested in… it can cause even the calmest of people to lose it.

The Photographer

The Cameraman

You know the type. Huge professional-looking camera around their neck. Different lenses for specific events, tripod for the fireworks etc. They will often be found capturing scenic shots, perhaps ignoring the obvious well documented icons for more original pictures. The Photographer is generally considerate unlike The iPad-ers who hold their tablets in the air getting in everyone’s way. Grrr.

The Hipster/Social Media Addict

Social Media

If you follow any of the Disney Instagram accounts like Tom and Sophie or The Bucket List Family, you will have realised that vlogging and taking photos of your trip can be more than just a hobby. It is a lifestyle for some people, and taking photos of their every move and posting them online is just the done thing. Meeting Mickey? Gotta Facebook that. Huge turkey leg? Pop that on Twitter. Random ‘ear’ shot – definitely Instagram-able.

The “Look Like I Don’t Belong Here” person

It’s about a million degrees most days in Orlando but this person will no doubt be in jeans and a jumper. Or maybe a short dress (no good for boarding those rides) and stilettos. Whatever their attire, this person will radiate not wanting to be in the parks. They will give off an air of disinterest and you will wonder why they have paid an awful lot of money to be somewhere they so clearly do not want to be.

The Military Planners

The Military Planners

These are the rope-droppers. They will have their Advanced Dining Reservations and FastPasses made weeks in advance and will take full advantage of Extra Magic Hours. They know where to go and when to go there, and yes they will be wearing clothes themed to the park they are in! They will snack on their way to attractions and there will be no time for whimsical staring at The Castle. They have a laminated checklist and they are not afraid to use it.

And I am not ashamed to admit this is 100% me when I’m at Disney World!

Which type of Disney visitor are you?

About the author:

Janine Pipe has been to Florida 6 times in the last 12 years and is a self-confessed Disney World addict! She has a 5-year-old daughter who has already travelled to Florida twice. Janine runs a Florida Travel Planning company and contributes to various Disney-inspired blogs.
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