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FloridaTix in Orlando: Part 7 – Marvel Superhero Island


As the day at the Islands of Adventure draws to an end, we still have time to visit the Marvel Superhero Island where a mysterious meteor has fallen, attracting famous Marvel characters to investigate. You dont have to look far before bumping into Spiderman or Captain America.

The Marvel Superhero Island has some fantastic thrill rides so the adrenaline junkies will be spoilt for choice. The Amazing Spiderman is an immersive motion simulator, very much like The Forbidden Journey at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Youll join Peter Parker as a journalist as he battles his enemies. Its incredible to think that this ride is more than 10 years old!

If you want a good view of Orlando, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall will give you a nice panoramic long as you keep your eyes open. This vertical launcher will blast you up 199 feet at a speed of 40mph giving you the experience of 4 Gs!

The ultimate thrill seekers experience would have to be The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster. As you leave the station, you will be launched at 65 mph out of Bruce Banners lab and straight into a succession of loops and twists. Its no wonder why this is a favourite for rollercoaster veterans.

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