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75% of parents believe Smartphones ruin a family holiday

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Our recent survey has revealed that 8.3 million UK parents worry their kids are missing out on enjoying the “real world” while on holiday – because they’re too engrossed in their smartphones

75% of mums and dads feel their children’s addiction to their smartphone or tablet leads to them missing out on sunshine, quality family time and even making new friends.

The good news? Old-School holiday games are making a comeback!

To prevent technology taking over their holiday, many parents are engaging the kids in “old-school” games like I-Spy, to encourage them to take notice of the wonderful sights and sounds around them.

Parents heading to Florida now also have an extra helping hand in the form of first-ever Florida I-Spy book, launched by FloridaTix and Michelin Guides – designed to get children interacting with their surroundings and involving the rest of the family!

The pocket-sized book covers Florida’s biggest theme parks and attractions, from Disney World Florida to Discovery Cove Orlando to Busch Gardens and loads more.

So as well as being lots of fun, it’s a great way to make sure kids (and parents) get to see all the best bits of Florida!

The Florida I-Spy book is a free, exclusive gift with all Florida attraction tickets booked with

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