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The Orlando Survival Guide

Magic Kingdom

So you know which parks you want to visit, youve booked the hotels, got your plane tickets, digged out your passport and told the neighbours to water the plants while youre away. Thats my checklist for going on a normal holiday anyway, but visiting Orlando Florida isnt a normal holiday, its a once in in lifetime experience.


With so much to do and see, its easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you are travelling with the whole family. Suddenly its not about what you want to do but what you want to do as a group and this can take some serious military organisation! At FloridaTix we know you are going to have the best holiday in Orlando so here are some tips for when you get there.

Hire a Car

Last time I went to Orlando, we hired a car for the family. In hindsight this was a great decision and I cant imagine the difficulty of trying to herd the whole family on public transport every day. We received an air conditioned MPV which gave us the freedom we wanted and let us explore each of Orlandos attractions easily. Ultimately, family arguments were most likely avoided by doing this.

Car hire companies such as Dollar can offer this service when you travel to Orlando.

Plan your Trip

With over 48 million visitors a year and loads of attractions to see, you will need to plan your trip to get the best possible experience. You can do this around the tickets you have bought, so a 14 day pass to Walt Disney World will relieve some of the pressure to fit everything in within a week and will allow you to visit some of the other attractions, such as Universal Studios, Discovery Cove and the Kennedy Space Center on different days. Prioritising the attractions you want to see will come down to your own personal preference; however there are some great tools out there to help you.

Keep Hydrated

Orlando is hot! Its easy to forget to regularly drink water whilst walking around the parks so taking a bottle of water in a satchel or hand bag is a good idea. However, this wont protect you from the Florida sun so also take a hat or cap and dont forget the sun cream as you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Many people overlook this because they dont regard a trip to Orlando as a beach holiday.

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